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Shining the Light on Lyme Disease

Shining the Light on Lyme Disease

I spent the time detailing my personal journey with Lyme Disease to hopefully provide those suffering with the horrific auto immune disorder some validation that they are not alone, that their symptoms are real and that there is tremendous hope for complete recovery. I can say from the depth of my being that I AM well. I celebrate my remarkable health and well being and want to offer hope and a possible roadmap for those suffering from the dis-ease. The list of symptoms that I had is rather lengthy; however, everything in this testimony is painfully accurate. It is important to know that most of these symptoms would come and go and were not constantly with  me. Had that been the case, I truly don’t know how I would have coped.

Your Full Name Cheri C.
Address 1957 Old Middlefield Way
City, State, Zip Code Mountain View, CA 94043
Daytime Phone 650-444-1929
Alternate Phone 60-934-0844
Email address cheri@lasermewell.com
When did you receive your laser? August 22, 2011


For an overall understanding of Lyme disease, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyme_disease.

1. When did you start feeling sick?

During the Christmas holidays  2005.

2. Do you remember being bitten by a tick prior to feeling ill?  If so, when?

Yes, in late November of 2005 (during the Thanksgiving holidays).

3. In what city, state or country were you at the time you were bitten?

Winslow, Arkansas at my husband’s parent’s ranch.


4. What were your initial symptoms?

Initially, I noticed a rash between my legs and I remember being extremely exhausted. I recall being on vacation over the New Year’s Holiday. I was unable to get out of bed all three days. Soon after that, my nervous system started going haywire. Nerves would start firing randomly with no forewarning.

5. Were you medically diagnosed with Lyme disease?

Because I was in total denial (not really wanting to believe I had Lyme disease), I avoided getting tested until 12 months after I was bitten by the tick. Although I tested POSITIVE for Lyme antibodies, my doctor said the disease was not in an active state at that time. I wanted to believe I was completely free of this insidious disease however; my symptoms continued to worsen for the next 6 years.

6. What did you experience after the initial symptoms?

  1. Severely Compromised Brain, Nervous System and Immune System
  • As soon as one symptom would lesson or disappear, another painful, frightening, bizarre and unimaginable symptom would mysteriously manifest. My memory was so compromised that I had a difficult time remembering the words I had spoken just seconds ago or what someone had just said to me, making it difficult to carry on a conversation. It was also difficult to decipher what people were saying.



  1. 2.       Signs of Accelerated Aging
  • I was embarrassed to see friends from my past because I felt like such a remnant of my healthier self. I feared they would notice how old, haggard and exhausted I had become.
  1. 3.       Allergies to Medication
  • I was unable to take any anti­biotics because my system would adversely react to so many of them. I had to be extremely careful of everything I put in or on my body. Even vitamins and homeopathic remedies would have horrible side effects. I recall going to a natural alternative doctor who had a special multi-vitamin custom made according to the nutritional deficiencies that showed up in my very expensive blood test. I took one serving of my highly personalized formula of powered nutrients and within one hour I had 10 huge welts break out on my back.
  1. 4.       Severe Fatigue/Exhaustion
  • It was impossible to accomplish much of anything because I had so little strength and endurance.
  1. 5.       Foggy Brain, Mental Confusion, Poor Memory and  Reduced Ability to Concentrate
  • It was very difficult to organize my thoughts well enough to carry on a normal conversa­tion. I was exhausted trying to “pretend” that I possessed all of my mental faculties. The simplest of tasks seemed overwhelming.
  • I was extremely frightened to drive because my judgment and reflexes had become so impaired. I got lost several times while driving in a very familiar area.
  • Often times, when I went for walks in the evenings, I would have to hold onto someone in order to keep my balance.
  • It was nearly impossible to pack a suitcase for trips because I found it too over­whelming to plan ahead.
  • I’ll always remember the day I got lost in a Wal-Mart Superstore in Arkansas. When I couldn’t find an exit to get out of the store, I began to panic. Feeling absolutely helpless and terrified, I waited like a lost child in the book section, praying my husband would look for me there. When he finally found me, I couldn’t have felt more relieved if I’d been rescued from 40 days in the wilderness.
  • I would often time wake up in the morning not knowing what day of the week or month it was. Nor could I remember what I did or where I went after a few hours had passed. My fleeting memory was alarming.
  • I refused to take a memory test of any kind because I feared getting the results. I did not want to have hard evidence of what I knew.
  1. 6.       Dizzy Spells and Vertigo
  • Because the effects of my Lyme Disease made me so dizzy and nauseous, I was unable to look at the monitor of my computer, which kept me from being very productive at work. I had to hire a secretary to sit next to me while I dictated to her because I was too dizzy to look at the screen.
  • Because I felt dizzy (especially after the sun went down), I had to limit the distance I drove in my car. I’m embarrassed to say that I sometimes couldn’t even find my way home.




  1. 7.       Numbness and Pain in My Brainstem
  • I felt like there was an electrical storm raging in my body. I had no idea how painful     a malfunctioning nervous system could be. I had random nerve pain firing in my extremities with no way to control it or predict when it would come or go.



  1. 8.       Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • I experienced extreme pain under my arms and in both breasts, which caused me to fear things I didn’t even want to think about. My lymph nodes were so enlarged that they would create lumps under my skin that I could easily feel.
  1. 9.       Joint Pain
  • I had symptoms of severe arthritis in both hands, knees and feet. They would ache so bad, it was difficult to walk at times.
  1. 10.   Muscle Weakness
  • From time to time, my legs would tingle and my arms would go completely numb. Sometimes when I woke up in the morning, I was unable to move my arms and legs until adequate blood flow returned to my limbs. This would take about 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. 11.   Muscle Spasms in My Throat and Neck
  • One of my worst symptoms caused me to experience difficulty in swallowing. The muscles in my throat and neck area would abruptly contract without warning, making me feel as though someone was choking me—so much so that I feared I was going to suffocate. I often had to talk to my brain and ask it to remember how to swallow. I even had major challenges when trying to yawn.
  1. 12.   Symptoms of Parkinson’s
  • I experienced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. My head would sometimes shake if I tilted it backwards even slightly. It became difficult and embarrassing trying to eat with my right hand because it would shake, which reminded me once again that my health was deteriorating.
  1. 13.   Slight Paralysis and Shooting Pains on the Left Side of My Face
  • Besides experiencing slight paralysis on the left side of my face from time to time, I also experienced sharp, shooting pains firing off in my left eye with no advance warning. It felt as though my eye had been stabbed with an ice pick.
  1. 14.   Ear Aches, Pressure in My Head and Loss of Hearing
  • I had pain in my left ear most of the time, and both ears always felt plugged. When flying in a plane, I could barely hear or handle the immense pressure when there was a change in altitude. I always felt like I had to unplug my ears and I simply couldn’t. I also felt almost unbearable pressure anytime we drove in the mountains or where there was a slight change in altitude. My body could not adapt well any longer to these pressure changes. It was extremely uncomfortable.
  • When I asked a doctor about the constant pressure in my ears, he said that it was a sign of my body aging. He told me that as some people age, their ear drums become fixated causing that feeling. I found relief from my Laser and by giving up dairy products.




  1. 15.   Extreme Rectal Pain, Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures
  • The pain associated with this was excruciating. Besides the swelling and burning sensation, I felt as though I was always sitting on a golf ball. Believe me, this gave the word “uncomfortable” a whole new meaning.


  1. 16.   Mysterious Bites and Sores
  • I had as many as 20 flea bites at one time on my leg that were very inflamed and extremely painful.
  • Hives periodically broke out around my entire midsection.
  • Several times a year, I had large, oozing sores that suddenly broke out on my back for no apparent reason.
  • I also had open sores that mysteriously appeared on my feet and between my toes.


  1. 17.   Stomach and Digestive Problems
  • Doctors said I had parasites, hookworm and a staph Infection.
  • I had very poor digestion, a bloated stomach, constipation and diarrhea.
  • I also had extensive food allergies, forcing me to live on a very restricted diet.
  1. 18.   Metallic Taste – on my lips and skin & Very Hot Mouth
  • Whenever I drank any type of antioxidant drink, within hours I could taste the toxic metals on my lips and skin. It was frightening to think that my body was that overloaded with toxic chemicals. Simply another sign letting me know that my digestive and immune system were highly compromised. I would also randomly notice my mouth being very hot and dry.
  1. 19.   Urinary Tract Infections
  • These infections caused extremely painful bladder irritation.
  • I was also diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.


  1. 20.   Sleep Deprivation Issues
  • Between severe night sweats and frightening nightmares, I constantly suffered from sleep deprivation and was always exhausted during the day.
  1. 21.   Eyes Jaundiced And Lifeless
  • My vision was often blurry.
  • At times I saw halos around lights.
  • The sparkle had left my eyes and I sometimes had difficulty holding up my eyelids.
  1. 22.   Dental Issues
  • I had mouth sores, bleeding gums and deep pockets. My hygienist, who is a very dear friend of our family, took my sister aside and told her that from the looks of my gums and overall oral cavity, she feared for my health and longevity. She was quite alarmed. They both did an intervention with me and asked for me to seek help with other Lyme Disease experts.
  • A year ago when my dentist took a saliva sample, he was shocked to see such  enormous spirochetes (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease) in my mouth. He referred to them as “Spirochetes on Steroids” because he had never seen any so large before.



  1. 23.   Panic Attacks
  • Whenever I observed how rapidly my body was deteriorating, I felt a sense of uncontrollable panic. When my throat closed as I tried to swallow or when I saw the skin on various parts of my body cracking, decomposing or oozing toxins, I felt a sense of utter helplessness and hopelessness. As I watched my body, mind and spirit deteriorate like a withering flower, I felt like the perfect host for any and all opportunistic parasites, infections and diseases.
  • These moments of panic would take me out of denial and force me into a reality I didn’t want to face. With inflammation raging throughout my body, I felt totally out of control. Because I was deteriorating at a faster rate than my body could repair itself, I was convinced I wasn’t long for this world–I was sure I was dying.
  1. 24.   Phobias
  • Ever since I was a child I was somewhat phobic of several things. I was afraid of the dark and of being alone at night.  However, over the past six years my phobias expanded and began to dominate my thoughts and limit my life experience. I would not drive over bridges or go on any trips without my husband doing all of the driving. I would not go anywhere without my cell phone fully charged so I would have a life line to someone who could help me if I got in trouble. It got so bad that I stopped driving to see friends and venture out beyond a very small radius of my home because I didn’t have the energy or the confidence in myself to navigate very far. I constantly lost my car in parking lots etc. It simply took too much energy to be social. I became very sad and alone. I would cancel appointments knowing I was going to die en-route. I had very real premonitions that I was going to die. I had an enormous fear of dying. I was convinced that I didn’t have long to live. When I turned 60 I called it my “horizon” birthday because I could easily see the end of my life quickly coming upon me.
  1. 25.   Caffeine Sensitive
  • I recall one of my dear girl friends telling me about her 90 year old mother and how she would literally stay awake all night whenever she would eat chocolate. That story really depressed me at the time, because the doctor told her mom that when people get old it is common for them to become highly sensitive to the stimulant in caffeine and that even the smallest amount would overly stimulate the nervous system of an elderly person and literally keep them awake all night. My friend had no idea that I could not eat a single bite of caffeine any time of the day without it having the same effect on me. She didn’t realize that this insight was simply another affirmation that my body had gotten old before its time.


  1. 26.   Constant, nagging cough
  • It was common for me to feel the urge to cough numerous times which sometimes made it difficult to continue talking and was quite annoying. I was at a Lyme meeting the other night and someone mentioned to me that a nagging cough often accompanies Lyme Disease. That was the first time I had heard of that.







Note: What I haven’t shared yet is that my family and best friend kept trying to convince me to get checked for Lyme Disease and to study up on it. They would e mail me articles, you tube documentaries and I would never open them. I did NOT want to OWN or acknowledge this illness. I was mortified at the thought of having an “incurable” condition. It took me a year before I was willing to get checked for it. My test came back positive for the antibody and negative for active disease. My body certainly did NOT behave that way. I was one sick person.

Hallelujah and Amen – I don’t have to feel sick and frightened anymore. I actually purchased the web domain name: www.savedbythelight.com….because that is how I feel. I feel as though I have been saved by God’s amazing light.


Since I purchased my laser, I have introduced this amazing healing device to every member of my family and to all my dearest friends. I am now happy to say that I am surrounded by laser lovers everywhere. My 87 year old father is being rejuvenated with the daily use of the laser. It is amazing to witness. Recently my husband and I sold our home and decided to live with my dad to watch over him and keep him company. So often my dad will put his hands on the cheeks on my face and tell me how happy he is to see me healthy again. He was very concerned. His care givers who come to his “our” home to care for him four hours a day are amazed at how my dad keeps growing healthier month after month. They all work in a very nice nursing home and they usually see the elderly patients continue to decline. All four of them are completely amazed and attribute it solely to the laser treatments.


6. Did you seek professional treatment? Yes.

If so, where?

I went to at least 15 doctors and/or specialists and spent a fortune in diagnostic tests, supplements and precious time. I had multiple visits with:

  • 3 MD’s
  • 2 Naturopaths
  • 2 Cranial/Sacral Therapists
  • 1 Ayurvedic Medical Doctor
  • 1 Nutritionist
  • 1 Nurse specializing in alternative healing
  • 1 Acupuncturist
  • 1 Expert in Body Balancing
  • 2 Chiropractors
  • 2 Brain Management Experts from the Amen Clinic


Below is a list of the 31 diagnostic tests I underwent over the past 7 years:

  • 10 Comprehensive Blood Tests
  • 6 Stool Tests
  • 6 Nutritional Deficiency and Allergy Tests
  • 4 Hormonal Imbalance Screenings
  • 2 MRI Full Body Scan-2006
  • 1 Thermal Body Imaging Body Scan
  • 1 Brain Scan
  • 1 Ultra Sound on my Stomach


7. What treatments, protocols or products did you find useful?

  • The Weekend of Miracles Playshop with Jacquelyn Aldana in Los Gatos, CA (650-353-2050) in February of 2012 yielded results that could only be described as miraculous. By staying totally focused for three entire days on regaining my wellness, my hand and head tremors completely vanished and never came back!
  • Crainial-Sacral and Chiropractic Adjustments with Dr. Bloink in Los Gatos (408-395-8006) not only brought amazing relief from some of my Lyme symptoms, but it also contributed greatly to my mental and emotional well-being as well as helped me feel better when I had dizzy spells.. I would describe him as a true savant in the realm of health and healing.
  • Homeopathy was valuable for combating infections with natural remedies because I was violently allergic to any kind of drugs, antibiotics and even some herbs. Dr. Skinner at Cypress Natural Medicine in Palo Alto is wonderful at addressing difficult cases and is excellent at diagnosing the cause of your health issues.
  • Electro-Magnetic Stimulation helped clear and balance my foggy brain. Dr. Wang At Naturopathic Options 650-323-2053 in Palo Alto was very devoted to helping me through my recovery.
  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy made a huge positive difference in my ability to function mentally, physically and emotionally. Dr. Jurrow at Youthful Resolutions 650-552-0395 in Burlingame was most helpful in finding the proper blend of natural compounds to help me overcome menopausal symptoms. I would also recommend Los Altos Pharmacy for compounding your hormones. 650-948-1212. They also have two fantastic Pharmacists on staff that can do wellness and hormone balancing consulting long distance. Highly recommended.
  • Ayruvedic Healing-Dr Jay­ (650) 584-3123 offers wonderful care in gentle detox and body balancing.
  • The Scalar Wave Laser is hands-down—bar-none—the most effective and affordable health remediation tool I’ve ever experienced. It has provided such amazing relief on so many levels (and so fast) that words cannot even begin to adequately convey how grateful I am. As of the end of February, 2012, I am now completely free of 23 out the 24 symptoms of Lyme disease. I’ve never been healthier than I am right now in all of my 61 years. The ONLY area I still have challenges with is my memory and I am now going to start incorporating the Brain-Neuron protocols with the laser to improve that aspect of my well being.

















What NOT of these doctors told me!

Was the my body desperately needed an energy donor and to find a way to erase the cellular trauma caused to my cells by the tick bite. It takes energy (ATP) and Scalar Wave technology to provide both those results. That is why I will be forever deeply indebted to my Quantumwave Scalar Laser. If you are interested I have a plethora of information available for on you this wonder tool that is easy, safe and FDA approved.







8. How much did you spend out of pocket in an effort to regain your wellness?

Since contracting Lyme disease in November of 2005, I’ve spent a minimum of $50,000 out of pocket that was not covered by insurance. If I had INVESTED just a small fraction of that in a Scalar  Wave Laser instead of SPENDING so much on doctors and expensive diagnostic tests and supplements, I pro­bably would have regained my health a lot sooner—with a lot less suffering—for a lot less money.

9. How did having this disease affect your ability to function (i.e., your job, career or business, your finances, your relationships, emotional state, etc.)?

A suppressed immune system that resulted from contracting Lyme disease left me so weak and disoriented that I struggled tremendously to appear normal to my friends and family. I was constantly combating some major health challenge. As soon as I found a way to relieve one symptom, another one would immediately take its place. I became quite reclusive because it took so much energy to simply go to work.

As the integrity of my immune system continued to weaken month-after-month, I could feel myself prematurely aging at an alarming rate. Saying I felt frightened, sad, exhausted, defeated and alone is a gross understatement.

One of the most challenging things is that many people down-played the reality of my illness partly because they couldn’t possibly understand how I felt and the other part is that I tried to pretend I was ok. Unfortunate­ly, only those who are personally stricken with Lyme disease could even begin to comprehend how devastating and destructive this health challenge really is. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Each day as I became weaker, I wondered how much longer my body could sustain my life. Everything I attempted to do was such an enormous effort. I was so uncomfortable from the pain caused by the ever-changing multitude of symptoms that I was uncertain how I would weather the pain that accompanied the decline in my health over a long-term period of time. My mother passed away at the age of 87 and in many ways my body was more compromised than hers.

I chose to isolate myself as much as possible because I didn’t feel well. I had so little energy and didn’t trust myself to make any appointments into the future because I didn’t ever know how I was going to feel from day to day.


10. What inspired you to purchase a Scalar Wave Laser?

My dearest and closest friend, Jacquelyn Aldana, had been raving about the amazing results she and her husband, Ron, had experienced with their Scalar Wave Laser. Although I was curious to hear more about it, I was way too overwhelmed with my business expansion and far too busy to take on anything new. I did, however, finally agree to meet her for dinner for a couple of hours since we hadn’t seen each other for three to four months.

When she offered to tell me about the laser, I told her I was just too mentally, physically and emotionally overwhelmed to hear about it. “That’s okay” she said, “you can just put it on your body while you bring me up to date with everything that’s going on in your life.”

Relieved that I didn’t have to add one more thing to my already-overflowing plate of things to do and people to see, I agreed to turn it on and put it on my right adrenal gland.

Within a matter of seconds, I began to breathe very deeply and yawn uncontrollably. I was drinking in copious amounts of air and was so relaxed that I was unable to continue our conversation by the time I had finished the 20-minute UNWIND protocol. We paid the bill and I was so relaxed that I was barely able to walk back to where I’d parked.

Jacquelyn had to hold onto me as she helped me navigate my way to my car.  When I drove off, I was so unwound and relaxed that Jacquelyn called my husband 30 minutes later to ensure that I made it home alright. When she asked to speak with me, my husband told her that I had arrived  home a few minutes before, hopped in bed and was already fast asleep. I slept for 9 solid hours and didn’t wake up until morning. Since I’d had trouble sleeping for nearly seven years, this was a major miracle from my perspective.

Something wonderful had shifted in my body and I was elated to have felt such relief. This experience made me realize how tightly wound I must have been and how stressed my entire system had been for the past several years. So, the next morning I called Jacquelyn and ordered my own Scalar Wave Laser, which turned out to be the wisest decision I ever made with regard to regaining and maintaining my health.

Now that I’ve personally experienced the amazing healing benefits of using the laser, I realize why it worked so well. In short, illness results when there’s a disturbance in one’s energy field and the body is contracted—wellness happens when the energy field is cleared and de-contracted. In other words, when the body reaches a state of what is called “Stillpoint,” it has all the energy and resources it needs to heal itself. This is what the Scalar Wave Laser does best. It provides the light, frequencies and resources to invite your body to reach that healing state of “Stillpoint.”

9. Describe what positive changes you experienced as a result of using your laser:

Purchasing my Scalar Wave Laser is by far—bar none—without a shadow of a doubt, the best investment I have ever made to remediate my health challenges and restore my well being. Two days after receiving my Laser, I noticed that I no longer had difficulty swallowing and I no longer felt the constant restriction around my throat area. My throat would often tighten so much that I feared my oxygen supply was going to be cut off and that I was going to suffocate. I’m ecstatic to report that 22 of the 23 symptoms listed in response to question #6 are now all non-issues for the first time in 7 years. In fact, I honestly feel better now than I have felt in my 61 years.

 Also, I attribute the healing affects from the Scalar Laser to help me overcome ADD and Low Self Esteem. The laser serves to restructure your nervous system and erase cellular trauma. I can attest to that from personal experience. I have been pleasantly surprised by this added benefit.

  • I had severe ADD since childhood which made it difficult for people to follow my conversation because I jumped from topic to topic without finishing my thoughts.
  • It was also impossible for me to keep my house or work space orderly. The unexpected good news from using for laser for the past year, is that miraculously, I have become extremely organized in my conversations and surroundings. I now work in a clean environment and my thought processes are very sequential.

Low Self Esteem

  • Although I have accomplished so much in my life and achieved great success, and made wonderful lifelong friendships, I still suffered greatly from a very poor self image.
11. Please describe what protocols you used—where you used them—and for how long.

Most of the time, I just used the BASIC SCALAR WAVE LASER. I inserted the laser under my clothing so I could multi-task while working around my office. I always did the basic UNWINDING Protocol  on my ADRENALS, SACRUM, OCCIPITAL RIDGE and THYMUS to begin with and sometimes I set it on QUANTUM and did the same thing. After that, I would use the ORGAN PROTOCOL, LYMPHATIC PROTOCOL and the protocol for my NERVOUS SYSTEM.

12. Describe the top 3 benefits you experienced as a result of using your laser?

  1. For the very first time in my adult life, I can say that I AM a vibrantly healthy person.
  2. I feel physically strong and I’m able to work 12 to 15-hour days—sometimes 7 days a week.
  3. I sleep longer and more soundly than ever before.

NOTE: Other than long-standing memory issues I’ve had for well over a decade, I no longer have any symptoms of Lyme disease.

13. Based on your experience with the Scalar Wave Laser, what would you recommend to someone suffering with symptoms of Lyme disease?

Find a way to purchase a Scalar Wave Laser immediately and, if you want even better and faster  results, be sure to do Jacquelyn Aldana’s 15-Minute Miracle and Blueprint for Breakthrough Process (www.15MinuteMiracle.com).

Have the Scalar Wave Laser become part of your everyday lifestyle. I can honestly say that it’s truly my lifeline to health, wealth and well-being. I’m now fully functioning in my life and am living very independently, confidently and comfortably in my body for the first time in 7 years.

There are no words to adequately convey how grateful I am that my health is now even better than it’s ever been in my entire lifetime. I am truly a Scalar Wave Laser Lover and will shout from the mountain tops for all to hear that this tool helped take me from the depths of despair to the heights of delight in record time. Thank You God for blessing me with Your favor and grace—thank you Jacquelyn for sharing your light and the light of the Scalar Wave Laser—and thank you Paul and Lilli for inventing this amazing health renewal tool.

14. Additional Comments or Questions:

I believe the emotional benefits I experienced from using the Scalar Wave Laser greatly contributed to the physical benefits I experienced.  It literally de-contracted my body and every aspect of my being in ways that liberated my soul! Erasing trauma from my cellular memory has proven to be one of the greatest positive and unexpected side effects of using the Laser. Happiness comes so naturally to me now. It is now the natural default of my being. It used to be work for me to see the bright side of life. Now, that perspective is almost effortless. What I realized is that it takes ENERGY to have an abundant life. It is also ideal to not hold onto toxic emotions. The Scalar Wave Laser donates energy to the body and erases toxic emotions and physical trauma. The healing results are nothing short of miraculous.

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Zyto Compass

Zyto Compass

The Zyto Compass seems like a pretty cool way to test at home for the proper supplements to take and what supplements might not be very helpful for you. From the makers of the Zyto the Zyto Compass seems to be pretty cool tool to have if you have a ton of supplement like a lot of lymes or health nuts typically have.

I was going to write a long explanation about the Zyto Compass but it’s really is much easier just to visit there website. Here is a link to there website http://zytocompass.com/

From Zyto Compass Website

Results from Compass Assessments are easy for you and your client to understand. Using easy to read graphics you will quickly be able to see which products your client’s body shows a preference for.

The Compass gives you multiple methods for sharing results with your clients. You can print, email, or save the results as a PDF file to your computer. Also, all Compass assessments are automatically saved to your computer for future reference.

All assessments are automatically saved by the Compass to your computer. Also, every time you perform a syncronization with ZYTO’s secure servers the data is backed up there too. All of this is done using the latest in encryption technologies. No need to worry about losing your Compass data from computer crashes.

Have fun visiting there website its pretty cool.


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Total Gym Product Features

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  • Gravity-based resistance system creates smooth and fluid workout routine
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  • Comes with Pilates kit, strap handles, leg pull accessory, and wing attachment
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Want to tone your entire body without buying a space-hogging fitness machine? Turn to the Total Gym XLS, a top-of-the-line device that helps you strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group in your body using a single glide board and a few handy attachments. The Total Gym XLS works by making you lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity, creating a smooth and fluid resistance.

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The Total Gym XLS also comes with a complete line of workouts and workout tools, taking the guesswork out of getting into shape. The workouts and tools include:


total gymtotal gym

The Total Gym XLS, which comes with a leg pull accessory, folds up compactly for storage.

  • Start It Up: An introductory Total Gym XLS workout
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  • Total Gym training deck
  • Dan Isaacson’s nutritional program and meal plan

About Total Gym
Total Gym made its initial mark in rehabilitation centers, where its main focus was aiding people recovering from physical injuries and obstacles. The device is the perfect rehabilitation tool for several reasons: the smooth, gliding motion is easy on the joints; the various height levels accommodate every fitness level; and the padded glide board provides excellent support for the back.

After years of success in the rehabilitation field, the product’s inventors introduced the product to Chuck Norris 30 years ago. Norris–who calls it his “lean, mean exercise machine”–still uses the Total Gym today as his primary home fitness device. Christie Brinkley has also been a devoted user for more than 10 years, and uses it to stay lean and fit even through two children and a hectic schedule.

Product Description

Discover how easy it is to get fit and stay in shape with the Total Gym XLS home gym! Endorsed by Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley, the Total Gym XLS comes complete with a total fitness system of workouts and workout tools to take all the guesswork out of getting into shape. With Total Gym’s top of the line model you’ll receive the highest quality home gym with unbeatable savings.

The XLS features: 400 lb weight capacity for total strength and stability, an upgraded comfort system, pulley and cable system and squat stand, flexible nylon strap handles, padded glideboard with head support, chrome package, wing attachment, leg pull accessory and Pilates kit. Exercise capability – Over 80 exercises targeting all muscle groups for cardio, strength training and stretching all on 1 machine, plus 5 workout DVDs, an exercise wall chart, training deck and nutritional program/meal planning guide. No assembly required. Folds for easy storage. Dimensions Unfolded: 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H, Dimensions Folded: 19″ W x 51″ L x 9″ H

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Hey all just curious if anyone is using the Fitbit to track all there fitness numbers?

You can learn more about the Fitbit here http://www.fitbit.com/

Please let me know if you have used it!

Thanks All

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