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In 2010, we published a story about an amazing scientific finding that had caused enormous waves in medicine. Researchers reported finding a link between a retrovirus called XMRV and chronic fatigue syndrome, a frustrating disorder with no proven explanation and no cure. The findings were reported in a paper in one of the most prestigious journals in the world – Science.

What grabbed our attention was what some of the scientists involved with the paper did after its publication in 2009. The lead researcher, Judy Mikovits, began making sweeping unsupported statements about the finding, including tying XMRV to autism without publishing any data to support that statement. Some CFS patients began taking potent antiretroviral drugs meant to treat HIV.

The problem with all of this was that in science, findings don’t mean much until they are replicated. Scientists are often wrong, even when they publish in prestigious journals. And in this case, soon after the Science paper came out, independent teams were unable to replicate the findings. They could not find evidence of XMRV in the blood of CFS patients – or anyone else for that matter. Talk of contamination – a not-unheard-of problem in virology labs – arose.

Mikovits adamantly denied contamination had anything to do with her results.

[Trine has written about this back-and-forth on Trib Nation before, and you may have joined her for a livechat on the topic in December 2010. We covered a lot of ground in that discussion. -- Eds.]

Recently, we reported that the journal Science had launched an investigation into whether a figure in Mikovits’ 2009 paper had been manipulated. Soon after, Mikovits was fired from the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Diseases, the Reno, Nev., non-profit created by the parents of a daughter with CFS. Last week, WPI filed a civil lawsuit against Mikovits, accusing her of taking lab notebooks and a computer that belonged to WPI.

On Nov. 18, Mikovits was arrested in Ventura, Calif., as a fugitive.

The University of Nevada, Reno police issued an arrest warrant listing two felony charges: possession of stolen property and unlawful taking of computer data, equipment, supplies or other computer related property. Mikovits will be arraigned Tuesday afternoon in California.

Connection Found Between Infectious Disease Afflicting Cattle and “Fiber Disease” Affecting Thousands of People Worldwide, Announces Charles E. Holman Foundation

The mysterious human illness known as Morgellons disease resembles a well-known infectious disease found in cattle, according to a new research report published Nov. 14 in the prestigious online journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology.This news is announced by the Charles E. Holman Foundation, a grassroots activist organization that supports research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Morgellons disease.

Studied since the 1970s, the veterinary disease known as bovine digital dermatitis, or hairy heel warts, can cause lameness, decreased milk production, weight loss and skin lesions just above the hooves of affected animals. Examination of these lesions by researchers has revealed fibers of varying colors found to be very similar to those seen on the skin of people worldwide who suffer from Morgellons disease.

A link to the free report, entitled “Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease,” can be found on the home page of the Charles E. Holman Foundation website (http://www.thecehf.org).

Often labeled “delusional” by their medical care providers, Morgellons patients may soon be vindicated by this groundbreaking discovery.

“Morgellons disease and hairy heel warts both appear to be evolving illnesses characterized by the appearance of unusual filaments in skin lesions,” said co-author Dr. Raphael Stricker, a renowned Morgellons expert who has treated hundreds of people with this disease at his San Francisco, CA-based practice. “The similarity between the two diseases provides new evidence that Morgellons is an infectious illness–not a delusional disorder. Further comparison of these conditions may help shed light on the mystery of what Morgellons is, and eventually how to cure it.”

Principal author Marianne Middelveen, a veterinary microbiologist from Calgary, Alberta, is credited with finding the connection between the two diseases. She had heard about hairy heel warts from veterinarians, farmers and scientists, and knew they had looked for a cure by examining microorganisms in the afflicted cattle. Middelveen took a different approach by focusing her research on the fibers seen on the animals’ skin. After discovering that these unusual filaments showed striking similarities to those found in Morgellons patients, she contacted Dr. Stricker. Their joint research identified many common features in the composition and infectious associations of the fibers affecting both cattle and humans.

“We are getting closer to sorting out the mystery of Morgellons disease,” said Dr. Stricker. “Sometimes it takes a detective with a new perspective to solve a mystery.”

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Cindy Casey, R.N., by calling her at (415) 720-8752 or e-mailing her at info(at)thecehf(dot)org

In 1980, the government started allowing patents on living organisms like pathogens. Perfect timing for scientists to make a mad dash for parts of newly-discovered Lyme and keep the information locked to protect future profits.

These so called experts research it with federal funds, then start private firms and patents. They write guidelines for insurance companies and HMOs so that the disease doesn’t exist (yet) or require coverage. Not only do Lyme victims spend hundreds of thousands for medical treatment, but they can’t be covered for Lyme!

The Biggest Blow In The Lyme Cover Up


The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), made up of a board of doctors, created within themselves an authority to write the rule book on all things Lyme. It is the absolute bane of both the Lyme community and conscientious doctors everywhere.

They are the ones who decided that there is no chronic Lyme, that it’s easy to treat and cure, and will be cured within two weeks of oral antibiotics or else the patient has another infirmity. Doctors must follow their diagnosis and treatment guidelines or face punishment from state medical boards. Patients’ proof of cure never sways the boards – doctors broke the rules.

Out of the 400 references listed in the back of the guidelines, over half of them are directed at articles that they and their teams wrote. They have closed the door on outside contrary research.

These are the very guidelines insurance companies consult to deny medical treatment coverage. The majority of complaints that lead to doctors’ suspensions come from insurance companies, not patients or other physicians. The insurance companies wish to rid doctors who cost them the most.

The trio of insurance companies, Lyme guidelines, and Big Pharma restrict consumer choice in medical care and extort these patients.

While the IDSA acknowledges post-Lyme syndrome, they audaciously attribute it to the “aches and pains of daily living” and that poor treatment results are due to prior traumatic stress. Are they really that dumb?

No, but they are cold blooded and know exactly the nature of the disease and its destruction.

They should know…after all, they have a lot invested in it…

Busted On The Money Trail!

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal investigated the ISDA panel members for possible violation of antitrust laws and conflicts of interest.

Of the 14 panel authors of the first edition guidelines: 6 of them or their universities held patents on Lyme or its co-infections, 4 received funding from Lyme or co-infection test kit manufacturers, 4 were paid by insurance companies to write Lyme policy guidelines or consult in Lyme legal cases, and 9 received money from Lyme disease vaccine manufacturers. Some of the authors were involved in more than one conflict of interest.

So why are guideline authorities taking money from companies who have a direct interest in specific outcomes? When will doctors speak up?

So How Does This Cover Up Saga Continue?

The media keeps trumpeting the lies. CBS News recently published a story called “Lyme Disease Lies – And Truths.” Each segment features a FACT OR FICTION tidbit which is really a confusing mash up rife with deception. They pull their information from the IDSA and Dr. John Halperin who wrote a book better used for toilet paper called Lyme Disease: An Evidence-based Approach.

The article calls the following liars: people who claim to have “chronic” Lyme disease, those who believe they still have Lyme because they test positive for antibodies after treatment, those who believe their brain fog results from Lyme, the Lyme “advocacy groups” that claim anyone actually died from it, anyone who claims this syphilis like disease is spread sexually, and those that believe lengthier care is needed.

Dr. Halperin states that Lyme is benign, easy to treat, no one has died from it, are rarely hospitalized, and brain infection from Lyme is rare.

Doctors like Leo Galland are stepping out with more truth. His article on Huffington Post discloses more about chronic Lyme infection. At the bottom of his article, you will see that the majority of the 500 comments are Lyme victims sharing their nightmare stories.

Organizations that pretended to protect public health with no commercial interests (CDC, NIH, Universities) partner with Big Pharma and are not in the business of seeing anyone healed. Maybe generations from now when there is enough of an outcry, when many have lived ill and died, some drug company will try to be the hero of the day and come up with a poisonous drug to treat Lyme.

Even that scenario is highly unlikely as chronic Lyme is not allowed to exist. But when it does there will be a vaccine waiting for you.

So tragically in the meantime, Lyme victims serve as a host for the parasitical medical establishment, lining the coffers until they are bled completely dry. The real ticks (the poli-ticks) are still here.

Watch Under Our Skin for more mind blowing information. Find out about the doctor who discovered an actual link between the Lyme spirochetes and disorders like dementia, Alzeimer’s, M.S. and more. One alternative health practitioner has not seen one M.S., ALS or Parkinson’s patient in the last five years who did not test positive for Borrelia burgdorferi.

You will also see proof that Lyme inflicted mothers experience multiple miscarriages and their babies are riddled with the disease. Babies who survive often develop late stage neurological damage during childhood and adolescence. All events that the IDSA swear have never happened. They insist that Lyme cannot be spread to the unborn child.

You will witness the families grieving over their dead loved ones. Lyme Disease is listed on their death certificates.

You will hear from doctors who were bullied, investigated, and ousted for attempting to actually treat Lyme, usually with intravenous and lengthier antibiotics. After all, isn’t that how other infectious diseases are conventionally treated – Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis?

Conscientious doctors have to treat Lyme secretly if they want to help their patients without losing their license. They have to tell their patients, “Don’t mention Lyme.” How’s that for a cover up?

So What Now? What If I Have Lyme?

Chances are, you know someone who is manifesting the aforementioned symptoms and is battling the never ending circle of finding proper diagnosis and treatment. They may or may not remember a tick bite. Since the truth about Lyme is so stifled it is more than likely spread through blood transfusions (as with Babesiosis) and shared between couples (as shown in Under Our Skin).

They most likely have been diagnosed with one of the mysterious “incurables” like MS, ALS, or even early Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The latter two are increasingly diagnosed in younger patients.

Or perhaps they were dismissed as crazy and bear the misery of not knowing that they actually suffer from Lyme. Regardless, they suffer and believe they must wait until research catches up to them before they die.

Cont. – What You Can Do About Tickborne Diseases And Treatments

~Health Freedoms



Under Our Skin (2008), available on Netflix







This series is dedicated to Lyme patients everywhere.



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